2018 Greater Edmonton Model Train Show

2018 Greater Edmonton Model Train Show

September 15 & 16, 2018

10:00am - 5:00pm

Millennium Place, Sherwood Park

  • Two soccer fields of model railroading fun.
  • Activities for the whole family including the LEGO Activity Centre.
  • Many operating layouts.
  • How-to clinics & demonstrations by the experts.
  • Many static displays.
  • Dealer booths.
  • Admission $10.00, $5 for youth 16 and under.
    Children 4 and under free.
  • FREE Parking


How to Clinics Schedule

Time Saturday Sunday
10:30am Tall Grasses for Your Model Layout It's All About the Details
11:45am Making Trees for your Layout Introduction to Airbrushing

How to Buy a Model Railroad Starter Kit

How to Buy aModel Railroad Starter Kit

2:30pm The Importance of Good Sectional Track Functional Cateneray for you Layout

Location: in the Gibson Room located across from the GETS show entrance


How to Clinic Descriptions:


“Tall Grasses for Your Model Layout” (Saturday Only)

Ground foam can only go so far in simulating grass covered sections of your layout, so add some more flare with tall grass.  This clinic will explore the techniques used to add tall grass to your layout ranging from simple premade tall grass to advanced techniques with a static applicator.

Presented by: Richard Poon


“Making Trees for Your Layout” (Saturday Only)

This clinic will demonstrate some techniques you can use to create fantastic realistic trees for your layout.  Trees created with these techniques will cost much less than what you will pay for premade ones.

Presented by: Christopher Poon


“How to Buy a Model Train Starter Kit” (Saturday and Sunday)

If you are interested in getting into Model railroading, then purchasing a Model train starter kit is the best way to get you going.  This clinic will discuss the following topics:

  • why buy a starter kit?
  • where to buy one,
  • what to look for in a good starter kit, and 
  • an insight into where to go afterwards.

Presented by: Richard Poon


 “The Importance of Good Sectional Track” (Saturday Only)

Thinking of expanding your train set?  Maybe you’ve thought of it but were concerned that getting more track might increase your chance of problems.  Why spend your time mounting flex track on ballast, when you could spend that time running trains?  Well, you can run trains and expand your track with good sectional track. There recently has been some very good sectional track that has come out in the model train market.  Discover how new kinds of sectional track allows quick set-up your model railway empire and freedom to change your layout easily.  The various options of sectional track, laying track simply, and things to watch out for will be discussed.

Presented by: Harald Witzler


“It’s All in the Details” (Sunday Only)

This clinic will show you how to enhance the appearance of your model structures.  Enhancement techniques will cover the topics of:

  • shading and inking
  • adding exterior and interior details, and
  • lighting your structures with various techniques such as LEDs.

Presented by: Richard Poon


“Introduction to Airbrushing” (Sunday Only)

This clinic will introduce you to airbrushing so that you can paint and weather your model trains, terrain and structures.   Topics to be covered are:

  • the various types of airbrushes,
  • compressed air sources,
  • paints for airbrushing,
  • basic techniques of spray painting, and 
  • trouble shooting.

Presented by: Donna Busch of Maple Airbrush Supplies


"Functional Catenary for your Layout"(Sunday Only)

Many European and Asian railways use overhead power or Catenary. This clinic will discuss the fundamentals of Catenary planning and list several options and methods to installing functional catenary.

Presented by: Harald Witzler

2018 Greater Edmonton Model Train Show

Presentation of the VIA Rail trip to the winner Harry H. of Edmonton by MMRF President Ed Molenkamp,following the Greater Edmonton Train show.  VIA Rail donated the trip for two to Vancouver and MMRF held the draw for visitors to the train show.

GETS 2018 Via Trip Presentation